Hyunjung Woo

Woo graduated from Korea National University of Arts with an MFA degree in 19th-century British design. Previously serving as a researcher at Art Center Nabi (2010–12); coordinator at the Incheon International Digital Art Festival; guest curator at Woomin Art Center (2012–14); and writer on fine arts for Space magazine (2015–17), she is now a senior researcher at the Korean National Research Center for the Arts. The exhibits she organized include Rediscovery of the Market, which was managed by Seoul Design Foundation in 2012, and Donghee Koo’s Night Theft (Audio Visual Pavilion, 2014). She also co-authored 13 Balls (2013) and co-translated Radical Museology (2016). Woo’s main interest is connecting social history with visual culture ranging from media art to design. 

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