Yunju Park

Yunju Park is a media artist based in Seoul and Berlin. Park works in 3D modeling, architecture, and video under the theme of Vitality of Objects. Objects acquire vitality through the process of movement, transformation, and dimensional shift, and the meaning is generated in this process. Recently, Park is interested in embodying the political and semantic life after death of objects and the realization of the afterlife through architectural design.

  • Education
    • 2017 Bachelor's degree of public art and contemporary art, Bauhaus University, Germany
      2008 Ewha Womans University Department of Textile Arts, Korea
  • Selected Solo Exhibitions
    • 2021 when wake up, another dimension, ypsilon,Kumho Museum of Art, Seoul, Korea (SFAC)
      2019 Bogenraum episode, Bogenraum space, Karlsruhe, Germany
      2016 Free Zero, Incheon Art platform B, Incheon, Korea
      2014 Your action is prohibited, Arts pace Hotel Boan, Seoul, Korea
      2011 The Islands, Gallery bim, Seoul, Korea (Sponsored by SeoulNational Museum of art)

  • Selected Group Exhibitions
    • 2022
      SONGEUN Art Award, Songeun art space, Seoul, Korea
      The brightest moment, Gyeonggi Comtemporary Art Museum, Gyeonggido, Korea
      The 9th Amado Annualnale , Amado Art Space, Seoul, Korea
      Mix Verse, Space So, Seoul, Korea
      Rundmahal, Koreanisches Kulturzentrum, Berlin, Germany
      NFTdrop-The Old mad and the Sea, Klipdrops Kakao, Seoul, Korea
      Gap between two beats, Art space geumcheon, Seoul, Korea

      Porsche Global gallery selected : Screening at iconic OOH - Timesquare NewYork, Sonycenter Berlin, Kpop sqaure Seoul, Madrid Square, Sibuya Square Tokyo
      NFT presented by Berlin Koenig Gallery, Berlin, Germany
      Gwangju Design Biennale, Korea
      生生化化 생생화화 Seestate(between), White Block, Gyeonggi cultural foundation, Korea

      Unsound of buchewald, Bethanien, Gorki Teather, Berlin, Germany
      ZK/U Berlin report, Can Foundation, Seoul, Korea
      The way of touch, Soeul Street Art Creation Center, Korea
      Beyond Bauhaus, Gorki Theater, Berlin, Germany
      Tactical Perspective, Seoul Street Arts Creation Center, Seoul, Korea

      Unsound of buchenwald, Buchenwald Museum, Weimar, Germany
      We will explain tomorrow, Kunsthaus Dresden, Deresden, Germany
      The report show of Incheon Art platform residency, Incheon Art platform B, Korea
  • Residencies/Awards/
    • 2021 MMCA Goyang Residency, Korea
      2020 Hangar’s Residency, Spain
      2016 ZK/U Residency, Germany
      2015 Incheon Art Platform, Korea
  • Related Articles
    • 2022 SongEun Art Award, SongEun Cultural Foundation, Korea
      2021 Selected as Korea's NFT Representative, Konig gallery, Germany
      2021 Porsche global gallery iconic OOH screening; Times Square New York, Sony center Berlin, K-pop Square Seoul, Madrid Square, Shibuya Square (26 OOHs in 5 other countries)
      2021 Selection of Motion Graphics, Gwangju Design Biennale
      2020 Baden-Wurttemberg Goetheinte Barcelona Arts Funding
  • Link

Cone and Wind, Architectural motion graphic, 3D animation, 4 min 22 sec, 2021

Rundmahal Around, Single channel video 8 min 08 sec, Architectural 3D motion graphic, 2022

Ypsilong, 5 channel video 7 min 40 sec, Architectural 3D motion graphic, 2021

Orange to Blue_The old man and the sea, Single channel video, 7 min 53 sec, Architectural 3D motion graphic, 2021-2020

Umlaut, Architectural motion graphic, mapping, 3 min 10 sec, 2021

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