Sook-kyung Lee

Lee Sook-kyung wears three hats: in addition to being a curator at Tate in Great Britain, she is also chief curator for the committee purchasing Asia-Pacific items for the Tate Collection, and for the Tate Research Centre: Asia-Pacific. She holds an important position that has her overseeing all of the Tate’s research, exhibitions, and publications related to contemporary Asian art. Since her work as a Tate Liverpool curator in 2007, she has curated exhibitions such as 《Colour Chart: Reinventing Colour, 1950 to Today》 and 《Nam June Paik》. In 2009, she took part in planning 《DLP Piper Series: This Is Sculpture》. In 2012, she was chief planner for the Liverpool Biennial’s Tate Liverpool exhibition.

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