HYBE, the interactive media artist collective made by Han Changmin and Ryu Sunwoong, was selected as the winner of the DaVinci Idea Contest in 2011 and 2012. The contest is held annually at Geumcheon Art Factory to help artists discover new possibilities through the combination of art and technology. They presented Light Tree: Interactive Dan Flavin and IRIS for the contest, and, currently, they are participating in Geumcheon Art Factory's Artist Residency Program. Also, Leaf was exhibited in the Old Seoul Station, and In Between was shown in Media City Seoul. HYBE's goal in the future is to continuously engage people with experience-focused interactive media works that converge technology and art, experiment and utility. In addition, they intend to “converge” their work into existing industrial fields such as architecture. The group also aims to present something that can have a positive impact on life and society with their artistic and useful imagination, even if that impact may be minimal.

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