Dong-Yeon Koh

Dong-Yeon Koh received her PhD in art history and a doctorate certificate in film theory from the City University of New York in 2006. After returning to South Korea, Koh worked as a co-director of the Gallery Art 2021 (2008–2010) and served as a critic and mentor in numerous art residencies and museums in South Korea. Her academic and critical writings have been published in Inter-Asia Cultural Studies (Routledge, 2010, 2013), Flash Art, Modern Art Asia, and Photography and Culture (Bloomsbury, 2015). Her recent books include Respond! Artists (ONewWall, 2016) and Pop Art and American Society in the 1960s (Noonbit, 2015). She is currently working on the book From Softpower to Goods: Alternative Forms of Exhibitions and Populist Artistic Practices in Post-1990s East Asian Art.

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