Jung Sanghee

Jung Sanghee is a curator and critic who is active in Seoul and Incheon. At the junction of architecture and art, she is theoretically and practically conducting comparative urban research. She is in charge of many projects that are related to the restoration of abandoned facilities and spaces, or, rather, the city itself through art and culture. The projects she worked on are Iron, Water, Soil: Space in Between House and House, which was a part of building Woori Museum of Art, a small museum in Dong-gu, Incheon, and The Town of Memory (2015–2016, supported by Woori Museum of Art and Arts Council Korea), Urban Senses: Imageability (2016, supported by ADO Creation and Arts Council Korea), Incheon Literature Exhibition (2016, supported by ADO Creation and Incheon International Airport Corporation), ADO Residency Program: City is History (2015, supported by Space ADO and Incheon Foundation For Arts & Culture), Reading City as Visual Art: Chicago and Incheon (2014–2015, supported by ADO Creation and Arts Council Korea), ADO Residency Program: Art + Jung-gu City Activation Project (2014, supported by Space ADO and Incheon Foundation For Arts & Culture), Beat 131 Media Art Project (2013, supported by Imjingak Pyeonghwa-Nuri Park and Gyeonggi Tourism Organization), Tale of a Town (2012, Co-project, supported by Incheon Art Platform and Incheon Foundation For Arts & Culture), Breathing Tree (2011, supported by Bupyeong Gulponuri Climate Change Experience Hall and Bupyeong City Hall), and Memophilia (2010 Incheon Art Platform). She graduated from the University of Seoul with a degree in Environmental Sculpture, and received a master's degree from Hongik University’s Department of Art History with research on site-specific art. Later, she took doctorate courses in Comparative Art (Art History & Film Theory) at Ohio University and completed her PhD study in architecture at the University of Seoul. With the support of PROJECT Via and Arts Council Korea in 2014, she conducted comparative studies on the cities of Chicago and Incheon with a focus on the art environment and architecture. Since 2016, she has been conducting further comparative studies on cities with a focus on the architecture and art of domestic and foreign port cities and autonomous territories. She is currently the director of Space ADO of ADO Creation, located in the historic district of Incheon Jung-gu's open port.

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