Kim Daum

Born in 1983 in Seoul, Korea, Kim Daum graduated from Kookmin University with a BFA in sculpture. Kim focuses on various interfaces between the people living in modern society, while exploring a wide array of traces which derive from the inside, errors made by indirect experience, and distortion of memories. Since 2009, Kim has presented at several exhibitions such as 《DabangDabang Project》 (KT&G Sangsangmadang, 2014), 《When the Future Ended》 (Hite Collection, 2014), 《Censorship》 (Alternative Space Loop, 2014), 《Better than Universe》 (Daegu Art Factory, 2013), 《Progress under the Eyes》 (Amado Art Space, 2013) and held the solo exhibition 《RSVP, Art Sonje Lounge Project》 (Art Sonje Center, 2014). He participated in the 8th residency program at SeMA Nanji Residency.

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