Kim Joon

After graduating from Yonsei University with a BA in mass communication, Kim Joon (b.1976) wanted to explore photography so he moved to Germany where he studied visual design and photography and media. Starting with his solo exhibition Barmherzigkeit in Bielefeld, Germany, in 2008, he has strongly presented his works at several exhibitions including Feedback Field in Berlin, Germany, in 2012; since then until 2014, Kim has shuttled between Seoul, Korea, and Germany and the UK and presented at a special exhibition The Phenomena of 51.482008,-0.144344 in London. After his homecoming to Korea in 2012, the artist started working in the country as he participated in the residency program at SeMA Nanji Residency and was awarded the 35th Joongang Fine Arts Prize. Since 2014, Kim has been working as a participating artist in the Baengnyeong-do Peace Arts Residency run by Incheon Art Platform while expanding his interests into different art fields, aside from producing art, including art education through sound.

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