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Jang Jaemin

posted 16 Jan 2018


Jang Jaemin 

After graduating from Hongik University with a BFA in painting, artist Jang Jaemin Jang was awarded by the JoongAng Fine Arts Prize competition in 2014 and the Chong Kun Dang Supremacy of Art in 2015. Jang has participated in several group exhibitions such as The Memory You Moved at GS The Street Gallery in 2012, Emerging Artists at the Bank of Korea Gallery in 2013, Today’s Salon at Common Center in 2015, and Land.In.Sight at Space K in 2016. With his first solo exhibition Lost in Time at Project Space SARUBIA in 2014, the artist has held several other solo shows including Facing Disability at POSCO Art Museum in 2015 and Fishy Scene at Kumho Museum of Art in 2016.

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