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Kang Dongju

posted 13 Feb 2018


Kang Dongju

Kang Dongju graduated from Seoul National University of Science and Technology with a B.F.A. fine arts in 2012 and an M.F.A. in the same major in 2015. In 2012, Kang first held his solo exhibition Black-out at Nuha-dong 256 and since then has participated in numerous exhibitions including Ilhyun Travel Grant at Ilhyun Museum in 2013, New Skin: Modeling and Attaching at Ilmin Museum of Art, and Seoul at DOOSAN Gallery New York. The artist was awarded the Ilhyun Travel Grant by Ilhyun Museum in 2013, OCI Young Creatives award by OCI Museum of Art in 2013, and the Fifth DOOSAN Artist Award by DOOSAN Yonkang Foundation in 2014.

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