Lee Bul: beauty and horror

posted 28 June 2018


“Through the subtlety and the intensity of the works Lee Bul brings together things which do not work together, like beauty and horror”
Stephanie Rosenthal(Exhibition curator, Hayward Gallery)

‘What you see is not a chronologically ordered exhibition, what you see is an exhibition which is thematically put together, and thought about as a landscape. It’s about the human body, it’s about cyborgs, it’s about technology, it’s about utopian architecture. And so when you walk in, you right away feel that this is an artist who made her work for this brutalist building’.

Curator Stephanie Rosenthal introduces Hayward Gallery’s exhibition bringing together more than 100 of Lee bul’s works from the late 1980s to the present day. The exhibition explores the full range of the artist’s pioneering and thought-provoking practice, from provocative early performances to recent large-scale installations that attempt to get our body and our brain ‘working at the same time, together.

In this video Stephanie Rosenthal provides an overview of Lee Bul’s work. She discusses the impact that the political situation in Korea has had on the artist’s practice, her interest in the body, in turning this ‘inside out’, and the relationship between the body, architecture and landscape.

※ This video was originally published in Hayward Gallery, Southbank Centre (https://www.southbankcentre.co.uk) and reposted under authority of a agreement between KAMS and Southbank Centre.


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