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Jang Suk Joon

posted 21 May 2020


Born in 1981, in Seoul, Jang Suk Joon received her BFA and MFA from Korea National University of Arts. He held three solo exhibitions, including 《FLATCITY》 (Zandari Gallery, Seoul, 2015), 《docu_META》 (Mk2 Art Space, Beijing, China, 2011) and 《After image of city》 (Television 12 Gallery, Seoul, 2010). Jang’s work has also been shown at the Seoul Museum of Art Biennale, Daegu Photo Biennale and the Kuandu Biennale in Taiwan. As an artist-in-residence, Jang has lived and worked in various cities in Korea as well as Spain, Australia, China and the United States, exhibiting works in some of these cities.

hello! ARTIST

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