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Hyongryol Bak

posted 21 May 2020


Hyongryol Bak studied Photography at the Seoul Institute of the Arts and received his MFA from Korea National University of Arts. He has held ten solo exhibitions, including 《Unseen Land》 (10th Ilwoo Photography Award Winners’ Exhibition, 2019) and 《Slow-Drawing》 (Fondation Manuel Rivera-Ortiz, Arles, France, 2017). He has also participated in many group exhibitions, including 《Nature As a Playground》 (Museum of Photography, Seoul, 2018), a Korea-Scandinavia exchange exhibition, and 《Loving Earth》 (Hanger18, Brussels, Belgium, 2016). Bak was the winner of the 2015 Daum Prize (Parkgeonhi Foundation) and the 2019 Ilwoo Photography Award (Ilwoo Foundation). He received exhibition grants from the Seoul Foundation of Arts and Culture in 2016 and 2018. Pak’s photos are in the collections of prominent public art museums such as the Seoul Museum of Art, the Museum of Modern and Contempory Art, Seoul, Art Bank and the Museum of Photography Seoul. In 2019, his photo book 『Unseen Land』 was published by IANNBOOKS.

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