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Kang Sindae

posted 02 June 2020


Kang Sindae graduated from the Kaywon University of Art and Design where he majored in Modern Art Creation and Planning. In 2019, Kang held his first solo exhibition, 《Mood》, at Nam June Paik Art Center (Random Access Project Vol. 6). He has otherwise participated in a series of group exhibitions, including 《Chroniclers, Outside of Time》 (Museum of Contemporary Art Busan, 2019), 《But You Are Virtual》 (Archive Bomm, Seoul, 2019) and 《Exhibition of Exhibition of Exhibition》 (Cecil Theater, Seoul, 2018). Kang has also carried out performances such as 〈Here Is Rhodes. Do The Dance!〉 (2018) and 〈Elusive Line between Aesthetics and Politics〉 (Artspace Boan, Seoul, 2018). Presently, Kang works out of Seoul.

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