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Wonder in Wonderland, Interview with Yeon Doo JUNG

posted 10 June 2017


Wonderland(2005) of Yeon Doo Jung, ‘a wizard who can realize dreams’, is his major series of 'Dream Work' as a reproduced work in photographs from children's drawings. After the process of observing children at kindergarten for about four months and selecting 20 drawings out of 1200 drawings, the artist completed his work by adding his imagination. In his framework he created through his highly intensive and manual labor instead of using computer graphics, children's whimsical and unpredictable but pleasant fantasy world spread out. 

The Wonder in Wonderland exhibition suggests a new way to look at Jung’s Wonderland series. The previous Wonderland was only focused on the contrast between a drawing and a photograph that make a pair. However, this exhibition is focused on the process itself that the two scenes make a pair, presenting a documentary video that includes the process of work along with existing works. The exhibition also includes two pieces of Jung’s recent media works: Six Points, that shows an aspect of multi cultural society, and a teaser clip of Cinemagician, which is integrated with media work and magic show.   

This exhibition allows the children to show how our dreams become visualized through art, and also how this can communicate with the world. Furthermore, this exhibition enables adults to look back human's passion about children's unlimited imagination and dreams through the work which is a cross between reality and unreality.


“As people say, the world is a stage and we are actors who are each given roles.”-  Yeon Doo Jung

Written by Hye Ri CHO​

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