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The Logic of (Non)Fiction, Interview with JeongMee Yoon

posted 22 May 2017


In her early series of 'Zoo' and 'Natural History Museum', JeongMee Yoon had presented her critical views on the inflexible customs and social system through categorized, classified and arranged images. Animals collected by the zoo and taxidermied at the museum are objects modified by humans and reveal the compulsiveness of modern categorization system. Yoon’s such critical mindset became much more specific and refined later on in 'The Pink and Blue Project' where she took the socially composed system of tastes and put it into one scene. This exhibition introduces her newest work, 'It Will Be a Better Day_Korean Modern Short Stories' which is a reinterpretation of scenes from Korean modern short stories along with her most well-known 'The Pink and Blue Project' series to explore how her works function and are linked with each other. While her past arranged and organized projects were of categorized and accumulated objects to stage a social scene, 'It Will Be a Better Day_ Korean Modern Short Stories' reenacts the fiction to wander around the borderline between fake and real. Just as 'The Pink and Blue Project' exposed not only the socialization process of taste through arrangement of objects as well as the subtle differences within, artificial fiction too is more than a recreation of modern stories but it indirectly reveals what our society looks like. Thus a scene from the modern stories here is "a sign" that is interpreted and its meaning enhanced by those who see it. In that sense, she has chosen to reconstruct reality as a method to understand and recognize reality. The two series show JeongMee Yoon’s views and insights on the society and at the same time attract the viewers through the form of meticulously calculated arrangements and organization, frame composition, and lighting settings.

Written by MiJung Lee

Korean Artist Project


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