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[2021 KAMA Conference] Art Market Going Online : Changes, Chances, and Challenges

posted 28 Dec 2021


Currently in its seventh year, the KAMS Art Market & Appraisal Conference 2021 (KAMA Conference) is a significant international event organized by the Visual Arts Division of Korea Arts Management Service (KAMS). Starting from the 2015 Art Book Publishing and the Catalogue Raisonné, its annual display of relevant topics—such as Law and the Distribution System, Conservation Science, Technical Art History, Digital Archiving, and Digital Communication—has spurred research and thought-provoking discourse among domestic and international experts. The program has collaborated with major institutions like Sotheby’s Institute of Art and Tate Modern with the aim of improving its diversity and expertise, and promises to continue working with domestic and international institutions to offer a venue for in-depth dialogue, analysis, and mapping of new trends and major shifts in the art market.

The 2021 KAMA Conference will be held online under the title "Art Market Going Online: Changes, Chances, and Challenges." The pandemic has expanded the online art market in numerous ways. The conference will identify the market’s shifting trends and new consumers, as well as examine the trends in NFTs and the metaverse, two concepts that have emerged as keywords this year. Furthermore, it will discuss the sustainability of the online art market through a discourse on security and data loss in a digitized art market, the environmental crisis triggered by the digital industry, and legal policies and economic prospects of the cryptographic art market.

The conference is open for view on the KAMS YouTube channel. Both Korean and English subtitles will be provided.
Featured speakers include:

Session one. Transition to Online: The Art Markets and Collectors
Tim Schneider, Art Business Editor for Artnet News / Melanie Gerlis, Art market Columnist for Financial Times.

Session two. How NFTs and Metaverse dissolved in the Art Market
Kenny Schachter, Artist / Mr. Misang, Artist / Johann König, Founder and CEO of König Galerie / Christiana Ine-Kimba Boyle, Global Director of Online Sales at Pace Gallery / Henna Joo, Executive Director of Arario Gallery / Lindsay Howard, Head of Community at Foundation / Michael Connor, Artistic Director of Rhizome / Kathleen E. Kim, Attorney at Law (NY) / Lucida Kyungmin Lee, Director of Art Market Research at Meetingroom.

Session three. Seeking Sustainability: Art Market in the Online Habitat
Gaeun Ji, Director of Art Archive Research at Meetingroom / Charlotte Kent, Assistant Professor of Visual Culture in the College of the Arts at Montclair State University / Victoria Siddall, Board Director of Frieze / Jieon Shim, Director of the Visual Arts Division at KAMS / Jaekyung Lee, Professor at Konkuk University / Sangmi Chai, Professor in the Department of Business Administration at Ewha Womans University / Bong Lee, CEO of Auction Blue.

Hosted by Ministry of Culture, Sports, and Tourism / Organized by Korea Arts Management Service / Co-Directed by Lucida Kyungmin Lee of Meetingroom / Translation provided by Culture Flipper.

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