Project VIA - VIA Salon : Interview with Jennifer Flay(FIAC Director), Eunice Lee(Director of Corporate Partnerships at the Whitney Museum)

posted 14 June 2017


Korea Arts Management Service (KAMS) held a series of workshops titled “ViA Salon” on February 16 and 23 to share examples of international research done by art specialists from Project ViA and to have discussions with experts in the field of international art issues and trends. The workshop was comprised of three sessions: “From Research to Project,” aiming to share the project participants’ experience; “Research on the Art Market”; and “Museum Marketing.” Speakers included Lee Kyung-hee (vice versa, Junglim Foundation), Kang Yu-mi (independent curator), Ko Won-seok (independent curator), Kim Ju-won (independent curator), Lee Kyung-min (independent curator), Park Su-gang (AMCompass), Jennifer Flay (artistic director at Foire Internationale d'Art Contemporain), Lee Ga-jin (PUBLIC ART), Bae Nam-wu (APAP), Park Jeong-hyun (independent curator), and Eunice Lee (director of corporate partnership at Whitney Museum of American Art).

The interviews of Jennifer Flay and Eunice Lee, who gave talks in sessions two and three respectively, were filmed and uploaded. Flay took part in the session on the art market with her talk “FIAC and the Art Market in Europe,” while Lee discussed museum marketing with “Art Museum Marketing Case Study: New Whitney Project.

Korea Arts Management Service


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