International Seminar :Asian Avant-Garde Art and Its Practice

posted 21 June 2017


The international seminar ‘Asian Avant-Garde and Its Practice’, which was held on 26 May 26 at the Asia Society Hong Kong Center, was co-hosted by Korea Arts Management Service with the Consulate General of the Republic of Korea in Hong Kong and was affiliated with the Asia Society and Asia Week Hong Kong.

The first session of the seminar was moderated by Lee Yong-woo (Executive Ddirector of Shanghai Himalayas Museum) with under the title “Korean and Japanese Avant-Garde”. In the session, Chung Yeon-shim (Professor, at Hongik University, Seoul) and Toshio Shimizu (Professor at, Gakushuin University, Tokyo) participated as speakers in the session, and it followed by a discussion with Chong Doryun (Dupty Ddirector of M+, Hong Kong).

The second session titled with “Korean and Chinese Political Art”, was moderator moderated by Kim Hong-hee (former Director of Seoul Museum of Art) moderated. Moon Young- min (Professor at University of Massachusetts Amherst) and Philip Tinari (Director of UCCA) gave their presentations then had a discussion with Liu -Ding (Artist).

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