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Interview with Okin Collective

posted 20 July 2017


Okin Collective (Artists’ group)

Okin Collective is an artists' group, which consists of Joungmin Yi, Hwayong Kim, Shiu Jin, named after Okin Apartment complex in Jongnogu, Seoul, where in which the first group project was held. And Sindae Kang is working together as a guest artist in 2017.

The inaugural project, ‘Okin Apartments Project’ was stemmed from a visit to one of the artist member who lived in the complex where was to be demolished in July, 2009. The decision of redevelopment was abrupt so the tenants did not have enough time to prepare their move out. The project composed of researches the stories on the site including: the tenants’ unfortunate situation during the eviction process for the redevelopment project, traces left by the former residents, symbolic values of the modernist buildings, and historicity of the surroundings.

According to the artists of Okin Collective, art’s role in society is to offer new perspectives on reality. They create hybrid situations through complex matrix of appropriation, pastiche, discovery of sites, borrowed linguistic fragments and different methods of practice. The improvisational quality of their practice offers an alternative way of working defined by cooperation and respect for difference, and the flexibility required for collaborative production is directly demonstrated in the structure of their works.

The group has organized various projects, performances and exhibitions since its inception, including its solo show entitled Okin OPEN SITE at Okin apartments, Seoul(2010). It has participated in "Life, No Peace, Only Adventure" at Busan National Museum of Art(2011), "Open Hangar"(Spain, 2012), "Truth is Concrete"(Austria, 2012), "Acts of Vocing" at Total Museum(2013), “Festival Bo:m 2014”, "10th Gwangju Biennale(2014)”, “ARTEFACT FESTIVAL 15,”(STUK, Belgium, 2015), “Rien ne va plus? Faites vos jeux!,”(de Appel art centre, 2016) and more. They have been running Okin Collective Internet radio station [STUDIO+82](http://okin.cc) since September 2010.

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