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Interview with Noh Sangho

posted 29 Aug 2017


Noh Sangho 

Born in 1986 in Seoul, Korea, Noh Sangho studied printmaking at Hongik University while he participated in a number of small group exhibitions exploring and conducting a wide arrange of experiments on various forms of media. Noh has presented his own unique, very sensitive installation method of drawing based on storytelling as well as traditional engraving. Intuitively crafting a fiction from a number of collected images generated in the problems of the reality, the artist skillfully employs a variety of visual media ranging from publications and images to performances and installations. Starting with an exhibition titled About a Books at Sang Sang Madang in 2011, Noh has presented at group exhibitions including Zero Sign in 2013 and Amado Annualalle_In Progress: Grand Open in 2014, and held a solo exhibition titled NEMONAN XX FreehomeProject in 2014.   

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