Across the Pacific : contemporary Korean and Korean American art

Category Catalogue
Editor/s Elaine H. KIM, Jane FARVER, LEE Youngchul, Minne Jungmin HONG
Writer/s Elaine H. KIM, Jane FARVER, LEE Youngchul, Minne Jungmin HONG
Publisher The Queens Museum of Art (New York, United States)
Desctiption This exhibition catalogue accompanies the show, Across the Pacific, in which Korean, Korean-American, and Korean-Canadian artists explore their individual and collective histories. In an age of multiculturalism, the exhibition shows non-Western artists finding their place in a Western art world. The art covers the following issues: racial tensions, the experience of cultural displacement, and the construction of cultural identity. The exhibition opened at the Queens Musuem of Art in 1993, and moved to the Kumho Museum of Art in 1994. Artists' biographies are all in English, while essays are in English and Korean.
Chapter Heading/s Culture in the Periphery and Identity in Korean Art - LEE Youngchul
A Different Dream: Eleven Korean North American Artists - Elaine H. KIM
Making the Body: Korean American Film & Video - Minne Jungmin HONG
Language English, Korean
No. of Pages 102
ISBN / ISSN 960451447
Year of Publication 1993
Keyword/s Exhibition Catalogue, Korean-American, Korean-Canadian, Artist, Queens Musuem of Art, Kumho Museum
Sub-category Exhibition Catalogue
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