Anthology: Yoo Youngkuk

Alternative title 2018 Ι Yoo Youngkuk Art Foundation
Category Book
Editor/s Yoo Youngkuk Art Foundation
Writer/s Yoo Youngkuk Art Foundation
Publisher Yoo Youngkuk Art Foundation
Desctiption 007 Chronology of Yoo Youngkuk 1916-2018 | Lee Ihn-bum

058 Yoo Youngkuk's Lifelong Quest to Embody Nature as Aesthetic Space | Lim Young-bang (1979)

080 A Model of Korean Modernist Painting: Yoo Youngkuk | Lee Yil (1996)

100 Yoo Youngkuk: Pioneer of Art Photography | Choe In-jin (2003)

101 The Avant-Garde Photography of Yoo Youngkuk | Kwon Haeng-ga (2014)

102 'Rhapsody' of Spirit of Freedom and Nature | Lee Ihn-bum (2012)

120 Drawings Representing the Strong Compositional Will | Oh Kwang-su (2005)

128 Commemoration the 100th Anniversary Exhibition of Korean Modern Master Yoo Youngkuk | Kim In-hye (2016)

List of Works
Year of Publication 2018
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