HONG SEUNG-HYE : Organic Geometry

Category Book
Editor/s Hwang In, Beck Jee-sook, Michael Lim, Yun Nanjie and Hong Seung-Hye
Writer/s Hwang In, Beck Jee-sook, Michael Lim, Yun Nanjie and Hong Seung-Hye
Publisher University of CHICAGO Press
Desctiption Seoul-based artist Hong Seung-Hye has garnered a unique position in the art scene through her bravado in defying conventional borders, whether it’s mixing the abstract and the figurative or the plane and the three-dimensional. Nor does she shy away from employing public spaces just as freely as she experiments inside a white cube.

This book, the first in English to focus on Hong’s work, traces the trajectory of her prolific career. Featuring more than two hundred color reproductions of Hong’s art, it also includes four essays written by distinguished Korean critics, curators, and educators who have closely witnessed and worked alongside Hong throughout the past two decades. Originally written in context with solo exhibitions, each of which marked a milestone in her career, the essays offer individual starting points from which to delve into and read Hong’s art. Ranging from her earliest paper collages to her most recent videos, which reinterpret the comic strip character Snoopy, the book presents a comprehensive survey of Hong’s versatility.
Language English
No. of Pages 224
ISBN / ISSN 9783858818669
Year of Publication 2020
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