Korean eye 2 : contemporary Korean art

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Editor/s Serenella Ciclitira
Writer/s Serenella Ciclitira
Publisher Rizzoli International
Desctiption A fully illustrated book to help shape our understanding of works by contemporary Korean artists. Founded in 2008 by Serenella and David Ciclitira, Korean Eye is a philanthropic movement to promote emerging Korean artists internationally. Now in its fifth year, Korean Eye has become a leading global initiative for Korean contemporary art and has held eleven exhibitions in the world’s most prestigious destinations, including the Saatchi Gallery in London and the Museum of Arts and Design in New York. Along with its economic strength, Korea has shown a powerful and vibrant artistic scene with huge possibilities and the capacity to become a leading part of the international art world, as seen in the increasing popularity of hallyu, or the Korean wave. Following the success of the first ever book on Korean contemporary art (Korean Eye, Skira 2010) Korean Eye 2 features the works?most of them unpublished?of seventy-five artists.
Chapter Heading/s Artists: Ahn Chul-Hyun, Ahn Doojin, Bae Joonsung, Bahk Seon-Ghi, Chae Mihyun & Dr. Jung, Cho Duck Hyun, Choe Uram, Choi Chongwoon, Han Debbie, Hong Euyoung, Hong Seung Hee, Hong Soo-Yeon, Hong Sung-Chul, Je Baak, Jung Seung, Kang Hyung Koo, Kim Byoungho, Kim Dong Yoon, Kim Hyuen Jun, Koo Sungsoo, Lee Gilwoo, Lee Jaehyo, Lee Jiyen, Lee Jonggeon, Lee Kwang-Ho, Lee Moonjoo, Moon Beom, Oh Jeong Il, Shin Meekyoung, Sim Seung-Wook, Yeesookyung, Yoo Haeri, You Myung Gyun
Language English
No. of Pages 352 pages
ISBN / ISSN ISBN-10: 8857214605
ISBN-13: 978-8857214603
Year of Publication 2013
Keyword/s Korean Artist, Promotion, Exhibition, Saatchi Gallery London, Museum of Arts and Design New York
Sub-category Exhibition Catalogue
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