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Seo Young Chang, 《Off》

25 April 2019 - 08 June 2019


Seo Young Chang, 〈A Story of a Bear, Who Drowns Forever, Over and Over〉, 2013. Single-channel video, 16min.

DOOSAN Gallery New York presents 《Off》, an exhibition of emerging artist Seo Young Chang, a participant of DOOSAN Residency New York in Spring 2019. In the exhibition, Chang’s five selected works including video and installation from the past five years (2013-2018) will be on view. The precarious state of human existence has been a primary question in Seo Young Chang’s work. Narrated in an estranged voice, her work illuminates the incompleteness of a being who is destined to oscillate between life and death, beginning and end, and past and future. Not knowing where she/he belongs to, her/his feeling of anxiety and desolation is mediated through the loading time of a video. In an attempt to describe someone’s repetitively denied way of existing and its possible form, the artist sets up a situation by using repetitive movements, texts, rules, conditions, and narration as her main material.

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