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Kim Beom, 《Water from Ganges River in the Cup Made with Newspaper from Congo》

30 Jan 2019 - 19 May 2019


Kim Beom, 〈Residential Watchtower Complex for Security Guards Schematic Unit Floor Plan〉, 2016. Cyanotype on paper. ⓒKim Beom.

The solo exhibition 《Water from Ganges River in the Cup Made with Newspaper from Congo》 at Kunsthal Aarhus shows a broad range of Korean artist Kim Beom’s (b. 1963) work and his approach to making art. Kim is interested in how we see and interpret the world and what happens to objects, when our point of view is slightly altered. In this simple, but radical change of perception, Kim questions the ways in which recognition is related to the act of seeing. His complex works address the relationship between the image and imagery, between facts and fiction, between the visual and tactile encounter. There are often humorous approaches to his examinations. The words and the titles are playful and crucial denominators in the works. Kim’s subtle imagery and texts are full of puns; they point out absurdities in everyday life and society in general.

On the occasion of the 60-year-anniversary for diplomatic relations between Denmark and South Korea, 2019 has officially been nominated as culture year for our two countries.

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