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Nam Tchun-Mo, 《Gesture in Space》

15 June 2019 - 15 Sep 2019


Installation view at Daegu Art Museum, 2018. ©Nam Tchun-Mo.

Nam Tchun-Mo (born in Daegu in 1961) represents a new era of the Dansaekhwa movement in South Korea, an art movement that already in the 1950s was radically abstract and largely monochrome. He is one of the currently most important artists in South Korea and is honored in numerous exhibitions. His work is a unique consequence of his reduction to the drawing line, which he interprets at the same time in a sculptural way. This results from his work with fabrics, which he hardens with polyester. He creates therefore his own fabric of lines, surfaces, heights and depths, which he sometimes colors monochrome, sometimes accentuates with several colors, so that very different sensory impressions are created: serial sequences, opposing lines of movement as well as rhythmization of the surface become living variables. More and more he is also developing objects in space, which is the final translation of the sculptural paintings into three-dimensionality, some of these works will be on view in the exhibition. The exhibition is sponsored by the Korea Foundation and numerous sponsors and supported by the Leeahn Gallery, Seoul and Aando Fine Art, Berlin.

Further information:
Light-gorged Lines that Hug the Fabric: NAM Tchunmo


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