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Inbai Kim, 《Child 愚者》

18 May 2019 - 14 July 2019


Exhibition view of Inbai Kim, 《Child 愚者》. ©the artist and Arario Gallery. Photo© JJY Photo

Arario Gallery Shanghai presents Korean artist Inbai Kim's first solo exhibition 《Child 愚者》 in China. Inbai Kim's artistic practice primarily adopts the mediums of sculpture and installation, and with his unique narrative approach to these mediums, Kim has gained wide attention in Korean sculpture world. This exhibition showcases Kim's skepticism for conventions and existing approaches to perception, as well as the products that reflect on the act of viewing. The artist rejects conventional knowledge and breaks free from the shackles of traditional education by returning to adopt an infantile approach to practising art. An innocent small child is often unable to distinguish the front from back, left from right, let alone the kind of knowledge 'numbers' represent. In this exhibition, it is easy to discover these directional relationships and numerical notions have been gradually blurred or even disappeared. The Chinese title of this exhibition, 愚者(The Fool) is different from the English title Child at first glance, which can be traced back to the etymon of the term '어린이' (child) in Korean. In ancient Korean, the meaning of this term shifted from '어리석다' (foolish) to '나이가 적다' (young age), and for this reason, the Chinese and English titles of this exhibition refer to these respective meanings.

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