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Joo Young Lee, 《Body Keeps the Score》

22 June 2019 - 07 July 2019


Joo Young Lee, rendered image from 《Body Keeps the Score》, 2019.

Mana Contemporary Chicago announces 《Joo Young Lee: Body Keeps the Score》, a solo exhibition by Korean artist and New Media Resident Joo Young Lee. Following 〈Cit-e-scape〉 (2017) and 〈Trembling Hill〉 (2018), the new computer-generated animation premiered in this exhibition is the third and final episode of Lee’s trilogy that reflects the themes of memory, violence and recovery, and will be shown besides 3D-printed sculptures and digital prints. Alluding to the City of Leonia in Italo Calvino’s 『Invisible Cities』 as well as Francisco Goya’s print series, 〈Disasters of War〉, the animation starts with a landscape filled with fragmented dead pigeons and transitions into a land where vegetations grow by fertilizing on those body parts. Using the role of street pigeons in the Anthropocentric society as a metonym for subjects who are victims of violence, the artist invites the viewer to ponder on the possibility of working through trauma by rewriting its score. 《Joo Young Lee: Body Keeps the Score》 is curated by Nicky Ni.

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