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Korean Cultural Centre Australia, 《Take ( ) at face value》

28 June 2019 - 27 Sep 2019


Exhibition Poster of 《Take ( ) at face value》

《Take ( ) at face value》 explores various aspects of modern Korean society through formats of contemporary art underpinning the stereotypes and bias that evolve around us. Spanning mixed media, photography, performance and painting, this exhibition will question the universal concepts that are revealed to us at face value. It is a rare opportunity to witness works from established contemporary Korean artists(Kim Beom, Minja Gu, SaSa[44], Sulki and Min, Min Oh, Oan Kim, Choonman Jo, Ingo Baumgarten, Joo Jae Hwan, Nayoungim & Gregory Maass) that have not had much exposure in the Australian art scene. Korea is often described as a ‘fast-growing economy’, this can be seen in its economic boom, the global expansion of K-pop culture and its strong IT industry. This, in turn, has labelled the country to be associated with the term ‘hasty’ to the Western world. The facet of exponential growth permeates the overall Korean society, and the mentality of ‘haste’ has become a continuum in the daily lives of Koreans. ‘Nominalism’ raises a question of paradox against this universal perception by asserting that although universality appears to define a particular object or phenomenon, it is nothing than a mere ‘nomina’ or an abstraction behind the perception. This is the recurring ideal within the artworks in 《Take ( ) at face value》. By critically disassembling the abstract nature of universality, we are able to reveal a more honest and truthful representation.

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《Take ( ) at face value》 and performances are presented in partnership with the Korean Cultural Centre Australia, Kim Kim Gallery, 4A Centre for Contemporary Asian Art and West Space, and sponsored by the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism with support from the Korean Foundation for International Cultural Exchange (KOFICE) as part of the Traveling Korean Arts Project.


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