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Minjung Kim at Galería Cayón Menorca

19 June 2019 - 05 Sep 2019


Exhibition Poster. ©Galería Cayón Menorca

Galería Cayón Menorca presents a selection of five works by Minjung Kim (b. Gwangju, Republic of Korea, 1962). Minjung Kim’s education centered on a pursuit of the visual arts, particularly Eastern calligraphy, the key point of departure in the development of her work. She concluded her studies with a dissertation on the materials essential to ink paintings and the influence of such artists as Paul Klee and Franz Kline. Kim would thus combine her Eastern roots with Western methods to achieve the optimal balance. One of the most noteworthy aspects of Minjung Kim’s artistic practice is her use of watercolors and layered paper, which she subsequently singes in sections. This technique gives the work a tri-dimensional effect and allows randomness to take possession of both composition and form. Nevertheless, although these creations are subject to the whims of fire, she endows them with meaning by channeling their energy. It is a process-based art, in which she focuses repeatedly on identifying and embodying her states of mind, while she feels and guides her own act of breathing.

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Minjung Kim, 〈Story〉, 2019. Mixed media on mulberry Hanji paper, 140x200cm.


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