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DOOSAN Gallery New York, 《Decade Studio》

27 June 2019 - 15 Aug 2019


Installation view of 《Decade Studio》. ⓒDOOSAN Gallery New York

DOOSAN Gallery New York presents 《Decade Studio》, a special exhibition celebrating the 10th anniversary of the gallery. The exhibition opens in June 27th and continues through August 15th. Established in 2009 in Chelsea, DOOSAN Gallery New York has supported South Korean emerging artists as a part of DOOSAN Yonkang Foundation, a nonprofit corporation run by a global company DOOSAN Group. Along with DOOSAN Gallery, DOOSAN Yonkang Foundation runs the artist’s residency program DOOSAN Residency New York as an integral body of its mission of fostering young artists’ professional and artistic development. Both DOOSAN Gallery New York and DOOSAN Residency New York support artists of South Korean nationality under the age of 40 who work both nationally and internationally. The gallery and residency have supported 58 artists since its initiation.

In celebration of the 10th anniversary of DOOSAN Gallery New York, 《Decade Studio》 invites Jewyo Rhii as a guest curator who was a 2011 DOOSAN Residency New York artist and had a solo exhibition at DOOSAN Gallery New York in 2009. Under Rhii’s curatorial guidance, 《Decade Studio》 illustrates on the past ten-year history of the gallery, inviting 58 previous residency artists. As an artist, Rhii has created drawings and installation pieces by reinventing and reconstructing everyday objects into her own sculptural language. In 2016 and 2018 Rhii presented a project 〈Dawn Breaks〉 in collaboration with the artist Jihyun Jung at The Showroom in London and attracted global audiences. In 〈Dawn Breaks〉 Rhii and Jung challenged the form of performance art by operating the whole project itself as a vehicle that creates and narrates the stories of participating artists.

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