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Korean Cultural Center NY, 《One Breath - Infinite Vision》

17 July 2019 - 16 Aug 2019


Exhibition view of 《One Breath - Infinite Vision》

Korean Cultural Center New York presents 《One Breath - Infinite Vision》, an exhibition of Korean Ink Art, guest curated by Yu Yeon Kim. The exhibition includes seventeen works by eleven Korean artists, Choi Ildan, Cho Duck Hyun, Hyun-joo Jang, Jeong Gwang Hee, Kim Ho Deuk, Kim Jong Ku, Kim Sundoo, Lee In, Lim Hyun-Rak, Lim Oksang, and Yooah Park. Korean ink art is notable for a poignancy of expression that derives as much from its portrayal of the physical world as it does from an inner space – a quantity that is both abstract and spiritual. While some of the works in this exhibition reflect the classical rendering of calligraphic and landscape art, others translate these traditions through Abstract painting, sculpture, video installation and other media. 《One Breath - Infinite Vision》 presents a concept of contemporary Korean ink art that incorporates the past, present and the future not chronologically but as an equivalent time plane. The title refers to that point when brush is applied to paper without hesitation or retreat – as an exhalation that creates, with that spontaneous and poetic gesture. a vision of humanity's relationship to nature and the infinite.

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