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Kunstverein Göttingen, 《For Better Or Worse》

14 July 2019 - 08 Sep 2019


Sylbee Kim, Installation view of 《For Better Or Worse》, 2019. ©Kunstverein Göttingen.

The Kunstverein Göttingen opened the group exhibition 《For Better Or Worse》. The exhibition is curated by Tomke Braun, curator of the Kunstverein Göttingen, and Daniela Seitz, freelance curator and cultural manager from Berlin, and shows works by the artists Josefin Arnell, Akinola Davies Jr., Isabella Fürnkäs, Sylbee Kim, Lorna Mills and Rory Pilgrim. The artists deal in their works with social relationships, their internal value systems, desires and ideals. Whilst, in the course of digitalization, resentments, accusations of alienation, and immersion in artificial worlds quickly become loud, 《For Better Or Worse》, embarks on an endless search for new models of togetherness, interaction, family, friendship, and other social connections. If some of the works open up new perspectives on togetherness, others make the potential for conflict of normative attributions perceptible. The increasing ambivalence of distance and closeness, as well as reality and fiction in the digital age, become apparent. The exhibition 《For Better Or Worse》 also explores how contemporary and artists with an affinity for the Internet express themes of friendship, love and togetherness, and aims to critically question current developments and stereotypes while emphasizing potentials for social coexistence.

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