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Coreana Museum of Art, 《Youth Before Age》

29 Aug 2019 - 09 Nov 2019


Exhibition Poster of 《Youth Before Age》

In contemporary society, "youthfulness" is no longer an exclusive property of those in their twenties. While Korea has entered the "aged society" faster than any other country in the world, the society constantly stresses the value of remaining young. 0, presented by the Coreana Museum of Art, looks into perspectives on "youth," which has become a complex issue that is closely related to the global phenomenon of aging. The diverse viewpoints of artist included in the exhibition will present an opportunity to dismantle stereotyped and limited images of youth, and thus enable a broader understanding of aging within contemporary culture. Kwak Nam Sin, Ga Ram Kim, Particlefield, Juen Jiin, Seline Baumgartner, Jon Byron, Ari Seth Cohen, Judy Gelles, Sanja Iveković, Julia Charlotte Richter, Cindy Sherman, Johnny Symons, Martha Wilson are participating in the exhibition.

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