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Haegue Yang, 《When The Year 2000 Comes》

02 Sep 2019 - 17 Nov 2019


Installation view of 《When The Year 2000 Comes》. ⓒKukje Gallery.

Kukje Gallery presents 《When The Year 2000 Comes》, a solo exhibition by Haegue Yang, an internationally recognized artist based in Seoul and Berlin. This is the artist’s first exhibition at Kukje and fourth solo exhibition in Korea since her last presentation at Leeum, Samsung Museum of Art in 2015. Yang is known for her experimental interpretation of tracing the paths of seemingly unrelated historical figures and events. In this ongoing investigation, the artist develops a pluralistic and personal approach to the concepts of subjectivity, culture, and time. This exhibition transforms the gallery space into a field of imagination and solidarity in which multisensory elements evoked by a series of sonic and mobile sculptures generate an engaging platform for the audience. The exhibition 《When The Year 2000 Comes》 offers a glimpse into Yang’s unique artistic language that references a wide array of histories and cultures by reinterpreting everyday vocabulary through the means of repetition, overlap, and hybridization. In this process Yang recalls easily relatable personal memories or questions a collective consciousness that has been conventionally classified or deliberately overlooked. 《When The Year 2000 Comes》 re-examines the value of handicraft, nature, and speculative areas undermined in the name of scientific rationality and capitalism; folk culture; and the sociopolitical figures and spaces that have been marginalized in the hegemonic system.

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