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Arko Art Center, 《Media Punk: Belief, Hope, & Love》

10 Sep 2019 - 27 Oct 2019


Exhibition poster of 《Media Punk: Belief, Hope, & Love》

Arko Art Center presents 《Media Punk: Belief, Hope, & Love》 from September 10th to October 27th. The exhibition examines the moving image that surrounds us in everyday life in 2019. Moving images today are perceived as the contents of social media and YouTube, and their users distribute videos belonging to diverse categories within an interval of a few seconds. Extravagant editing styles using internet memes and found footage - visual amusements are now a big part of our everyday life. Now, as opposed to still images or text, information from moving images earns more credibility, and anyone with a camera and editing program can start their own channel. Instead of adopting the digital media environment and the context of aesthetics of technology, 《Media Punk: Belief, Hope, & Love》 presents works that feature irregularly arranged images as well as works that refrain from understanding dependent on linear logic. Through these works, the exhibition attempts to make a rupture in the images played within moving images, the way they are consumed, and raise questions about them. Participating artists are: WoongYong Kim, Haemin Kim, JaeOon Rho, Minwhee Lee and Yun Choi, Part-time Suite, Jeongsik Ham.

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