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Hirshhorn Museum and Sculpture Garden, 《Lee Ufan: Open Dimension》

27 Sep 2019 - 13 Sep 2020


Lee Ufan, 〈Relatum-Stage〉, 2018. Installation View at Serpentine Gallery London. ⓒLee Ufan. Photoⓒ Ian Gavan/Getty Images.

《Lee Ufan: Open Dimension》 is an ambitious site-specific commission by the celebrated Korean artist Lee Ufan. The expansive installation, featuring 10 new sculptures from the artist’s signature and continuing Relatum series, marks Lee Ufan’s largest single outdoor sculpture project in the US, the first exhibition of his work in the nation’s capital, and the first time in the Hirshhorn’s 45-year history that its 4.3-acre outdoor plaza has been devoted, almost in its entirety, to the work of a single artist. Lee rose to prominence as part of an influential movement - Mono-ha (or “school of things”) - of young artists working in Japan in the late 1960s and 1970s. Lee, the movement’s main theoretician, explains the method of Mono-ha as one not of making but of mediating, attempting to create art that reveals the world as it is. His work in later decades has evolved into a thoughtful, highly refined practice in which he generates complex artistic situations with the barest of means. “By limiting one’s self to the minimum,” he writes, “one allows the maximum interaction with the world.” 《Lee Ufan: Open Dimension》 has been made possible with major support from The Korea Foundation, Sandra Masur and Scott Spector, Samsung Foundation of Culture, and Xiangdong (X. D.) Yang.

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