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Barakat Contemporary, 《Yunchul Kim - GLARE》

19 Sep 2019 - 17 Nov 2019


Yunchul Kim, 〈Impulse〉, 2018.

Barakat Contemporary presents 《GLARE》, a solo exhibition by Korean artist Yunchul Kim, running from September 19 to November 17, 2019. Yunchul Kim studied electronic music in Korea and media art in Germany. Since his studies, the artist has been studying the essence of materials and using artwork as a way of showing their inherent dispositions. 《GLARE》 is both a realization of the artist's imagined world of materials and a story about a dimension that exists before humans have established culture or become defined through language. To achieve this, the artist works to visualize different, unrevealed layers of the world through the organic relationship among machinery as "non-human agency", human beings, and objects. The exhibition is a process of experiencing a dynamic world of fluctuating light and flowing materials, but it is also a moment where the suspended, unseen material aspects of matter are newly manifested through a sense of depth. In presenting a new perceptual paradigm for viewing phenomena, Yunchul Kim's artworks open up a new space for a sensory and contemplative experience into the world of materials.

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