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Sea Art Festival 2019 - Sea of Heartbreak

28 Sep 2019 - 27 Oct 2019


2019’s Sea Art Festival pays attention to sea; the exhibition was developed around the issues of ‘environment,’ and ‘eco-system’ upon which our livelihoods are depended and other various issues derived from them. It suggests artists from the countries where share same body of water take sea as common issue. After all, the issue would achieve universality of telling through art the stories of ours who are surrounded by seas and who exploit the Earth. The festival is composed of three sections that employ the ways of participation by large number of viewers to talk and communicate about issues intimately connected to lives. In these exhibitions, the viewers are to participate both directly and indirectly while artists participate as one of the member of producing collective rather than sole creator of an art work. Sea Art Festival 2019 not only celebrates the arts but also provides a platform on which ‘healing’ may co-exist through ‘Ecology,’ ‘Environment,’ and ‘Regeneration.’ Furthermore, the exhibition would be an opportunity to reconnect the arts to everyday lives moving away from the notion that art is something special separate from lives.

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