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Tate Modern, 《Nam June Paik》

17 Oct 2019 - 09 Feb 2020


Nam June Paik, 〈TV Garden 1974-7〉, 2002. Kunstsammlung Nordrhein-Westfalen (Düsseldorf, Germany). ⓒNam June Paik. Photoⓒ Tate (Roger Sinek)

Tate Modern presents Nam June Paik, the visionary artist who embraced mass media and new technology, from Oct 17 to Feb 9, 2020. His experimental, innovative, yet playful work has had a profound influence on today’s art and culture. He pioneered the use of TV and video in art and coined the phrase ‘electronic superhighway’ to predict the future of communication in the internet age. This major exhibition at Tate Modern will be a mesmerizing riot of sights and sounds. It brings together over 200 works from throughout his five-decade career – from robots made from old TV screens, to his innovative video works and all-encompassing room-sized installations such as the dazzling Sistine Chapel 1993. The exhibition is organized by Tate Modern and San Francisco Museum of Modern Art.

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