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Korean Cultural Center in Hong Kong, 《Translation of the Difference》

21 Nov 2019 - 04 Jan 2020


Exhibition poster of 《Translation of the Difference》

Korean Cultural Center in Hong Kong(KCC) presents 《Translation of the Difference》, which is the 2nd “Korean Young Artists Series (KYA)” after the initial exhibition last year 《Gray Navy Black》. Through this series of the exhibition every year, KCC discovers not only the artists but also contacting Korea-based curators and even critics. While the theme of the 2018 KYA was about Korean contemporary fine arts, the contents became broader and more diverse this year. KIM Joook, the curator of Art Lab Korea and adjunct professor in the Department of Arts at the School of Fine Arts of Hongik University and the guest curator of this exhibition, presents 27 art pieces of 5 artists - KANG Hyunwook, KIM Inyoung, YOON Jewon, JUNG Goyona and JEONG Haemin. These artists reveal visually how “differences” can be translated into the medium of contemporary art interpreted by each person by visualizing the different forms of visual art media, such as figure, conventional painting, modern painting, and virtual reality. KIM Joook, the curator is engaged in both art research and exhibition curating, in order to achieve harmony between the theories of contemporary art and field activities. KANG Hyunwook has expressed various issues concerning interpersonal relationship and the illness of modern society in his unique style of humor; KIM Inyoung creates works related to digital images and installations, he presented the concept of 'new awareness' that awakening from habitual behaviors; YOON Jewon applies data and virtual reality characters onto traditional painting to showcase the relationship between virtual world and reality; As part of a new experiment on the collaboration between media and traditional painting, JUNG Goyona’s Live Cam Painting Performance will create not only memories of her personal daily lives, but also other audiences; and JEONG Haemin expresses the individuals who experience violence due to the contradiction of society through digital painting.

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