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National Museum of Asian Arts - Guimet, 《Min Jung-yeon》

06 Nov 2019 - 17 Feb 2020


Born in 1979, Min Jung-yeon grew up in the South Korean countryside where she observed and immersed herself in the nature around her. The concept of reconciliation is at the origin of the installation of Min Jung-yeon, the artist invited by Guimet for this new Carte blanche entrusted to a contemporary artist. Her artwork is based on the story of this young Korean woman and the tragic reality of a country that is split in sixty-six years. In the world of Min Jung-yeon, agitation and calm, full and empty relate, figurative elements and areas of abstraction coexist. The installation presented in the 4th-floor rotunda is made with a material respecting the integrity of each, to create a new harmony. It is also completed with the collection of Korean stones on the 3rd floor; these prestigious stones were collected by the artist's father, Min Moung-Chul. As a combination of philosophical and poetic inspiration, these stones become the receptacle of the idea by the collector for his daughter.

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