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Korean Cultural Centre UK, 《2019 Artist of the Year: Kang Jungsuck》

10 Dec 2019 - 15 Feb 2020


The Korean Cultural Centre UK (KCCUK) presents 《2019 Artist of the Year: Kang Jungsuck - The Adventures of A Human, A Self-driving Car, and A Lilliputian: Snow Scenarios》. Kang was chosen for the BALTIC Artists' Award 2019, and his work spans across sculpture, video, installation, and writing. Presenting new and recent work, the artist harnesses his experience of technology, gaming culture, K-pop, and broader society, as inspiration to form unique environments with multiple realities. Kang uses the video game engine as a medium itself, designing his projects simultaneously within this software and in real life. Transgressing the typical boundaries between simulated content and physical sculpture, the spaces in the game and the artist’s physical studio are mapped to one another, so it is both the ’studio’ and exhibition that are eventually embodied in KCCUK’s physical gallery space. Positioning the mainstream within an artistic context, Kang observes how changes caused by technological advancements can affect our own perspectives, prompting us to question the future possibilities of such a multi-dimensional world.

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