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Lévy Gorvy Gallery New York, 《Chung Sang-Hwa: Excavations, 1964-78》

11 Nov 2019 - 18 Jan 2020


Installation view of 《Chung Sang-Hwa: Excavations, 1964–78》

Chung Sang-Hwa: Excavations, 1964–78》 is an exhibition featuring a selection of paintings from a formative era of Chung’s five-decades-long career. Presented on the third floor of the gallery’s landmark building at 909 Madison Avenue, Excavations will include works from a crucial period in which the Korean master was immersed in the international avant-garde milieus of both Asia and Europe. The paintings on view will illuminate the conceptual and technical trajectories that led Chung to the profoundly original, finely honed approach that defines the art of his mid- and late-career. By highlighting the eclectic transnational influences in which Chung was immersed throughout the 1960s and ’70s, the exhibition provides rare insight into the progression of his practice, in order to galvanize discourse surrounding Chung’s singular approach to the medium. This is the gallery’s third exhibition of his work and is organized in collaboration with Gallery Hyundai.

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