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Seoul Botanic Park, 《Lee Lee Nam, Encounter of Light》

21 Nov 2019 - 19 April 2020

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A leading media artist in Korea, Lee Lee Nam presents works that reinterpret Gyeomjae Jeongseon’s paintings. For the exhibition 《Lee Lee Nam, Encounter of Light》 in Seoul Botanic Park, Lee showcases a new work, 〈Reborn Light, Yangcheon〉. In addition to the four seasons of Yangcheon, he talks about the history of the region through the subject of light. Lee Lee Nam meets classics through the contemporary digital medium of light. Furthermore, he attempts the encounter between Eastern and Western art. Light has dual meanings here, as it is the source of video art as well as indicating the sunny region of Yangcheon. Moving slowly and then changing rhythms all of a sudden, Lee’s videos make the audience to focus on the screen. 〈Parkyeon Waterfall〉 reminds us of the unreachable land of Kaesong, and 〈Drawing of Colors for Inwang Mountain-Four Seasons〉 offers a slow view of the four seasons of Inwang Mountain. Presented in 〈Gyeomjae Jungsun Meets Gogh〉 and 〈I Wanna Go There〉, well-known works of East and West leads us to a new space, helping us to have new conversations and talks.

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