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Museum of Contemporary Art Cleveland, 《Byron Kim: The Sunday Paintings》

13 Sep 2019 - 05 Jan 2020


Installation view of 《Byron Kim: The Sunday Paintings》. Photo© Field Studio

Every Sunday for the past eighteen years, Byron Kim has taken the time to look upward and capture a portrait of the sky onto a fourteen-by-fourteen-inch canvas. The ongoing series - aptly titled 〈Sunday Paintings〉 - captures the ever-changing colors of our shared sky while simultaneously operating as a record of Kim’s life. In addition to soft washes of color - vibrant blue, stormy gray, wispy white - each painting contains a short rumination on the day or week, which Kim writes directly onto the surface of the canvas, alongside the specific time and place where the painting was created. moCa’s exhibition The Sunday Paintings begins with the Sunday before our Farshid Moussavi building opened to the public (October 7, 2012), and takes us through to the present day. Reflecting on everything from his personal state of mind to his feelings around world events, Kim’s ritual asks us to take a moment and reflect on what constitutes a life lived, while poignantly showing us the poetry embedded within our everyday lives.

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