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Sundaram Tagore Gallery, 《Chun Kwang Young - Collisions: Information, Harmony and Conflict》

22 Nov 2019 - 01 Feb 2020


Sundaram Tagore Gallery is pleased to present a solo exhibition of work by Chun Kwang Young. The acclaimed Korean artist is best known for his Aggregations; freestanding and wall-hung sculptural works made from thousands of triangular forms wrapped in antique mulberry paper tinted with teas or pigment. This show comes on the heels of Chun's recent solo exhibition at the Brooklyn Museum, which ran for seven months. The artist’s work is currently on view at the Jordan Schnitzer Museum of Art, Oregon, USA.

Chun Kwang Young was born in Hongchun, South Korea, in 1944 and grew up during the end of Japanese colonization and the brutality of the Korean War. He began his career as a painter, moving to the United States in the 1970s to pursue a Master’s Degree at Philadelphia College of Art, where he was deeply drawn to Abstract Expressionism. “It seemed to be the best way to freely express my surprise and sadness at witnessing the huge gap between idea and reality,” he says.

Chun’s paintings explored the effects of light and color, however, he ultimately found the expression inauthentic. Over time, he became disillusioned with the materialistic drive that seemed to fuel the American dream and feelings of loneliness intensified his longing for home. Chun decided to return to Korea and focus on developing his own methodology, one that was wholly unique and reflective of his history and cultural identity.

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