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Daegu Art Museum, 《You have witchcraft in your lips》

14 Jan 2020 - 19 April 2020


Since 2013, Daegu Art Museum has been holding the exhibition entitled "You have witchcraft in your lips" shedding new light on artists selected by "Y, Y+ Artists Project" aiming at supporting competent young artists (Y) and experienced artists (Y+). "Y, Y+ Artists Project" is still considered one of important projects supporting artists, though some partial reorganization can be made in celebration of the 10th anniversary of inauguration of Daegu Art Museum. The exhibition title "You have witchcraft in your lips" is the last line from "Henry V" of Shakespeare written near 1599. This is a line of Henry V's sweet love confession asking Princess Catherine to marry him in return for conquest of France and protection of royal authority. However, beyond the mere love confession, this is a significant metaphor ending many political conflicts and heralding a new start. Based on this "metaphor," the present exhibition intends to explore each art world of 12 artists.

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